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Virgil Gamache Farms,
Home of Amarillo®
Brand Hops

Virgil Gamache Farms is the home of world-famous Amarillo® Brand hops. This 100+ year family farm in the Yakima Valley provides great hops for great breweries.  We are proud to support today’s craft brewing renaissance!

Only the most carefully selected hops of the patented VGXP01 variety, become Amarillo® brand hops. Amarillo® brand hops have one of the highest Myrcene oil contents of any hop. This hop trait results in delicious citrus aromas and flavors. Amarillo® flavors include lemon, orange, grapefruit and lush tropical fruit tones. For this reason, master brewers around the world are raving about Amarillo® brand hops. Virgil Gamache Farms is also a leading developer, grower and manufacturer of other favorite hop varieties and products. VGF markets these products to wholesale clients only.

In addition to aclaim for highes quality hops, the industry also recognizes VGF for its best practices in farming and manufacturing. These best practices include water conservation, protection of diverse plant and animal life, recycling, product safety and comitment to the well being of the company’s workers.

So VGF’s Amarillo® brand and other VGF specialty hops are having quite an impact. For that reason, it’s likely the special burst of flavor of  your favorite craft beer originates from the verdant fields of Virgil Gamache Farms. Or from our partner farmers across Washington, Idaho, Oregon and five states in Germany! That’s how we fulfill our promise of great hops for great brewers!